Właściwie miało być o RGB, ale pisałam o Niej tutaj, miało być o tym, że David Attenborough został gwiazdą Instagrama i o tym czy zakażenie Covidem zmniejszy szanse Trumpa w wyborach prezydenckich. Ale przyznaję szczerze, że w ten weekend tak strasznie nie chciało mi się pisać tego newslettera i zamiast złożonych rozważań proponuję Wam teksty o demokracji w świecie cyfrowym, nowym CEO Patagonii i o tym dlaczego różnorodne zespoły działają lepiej. A dla kobiet także październikowa akcja.

TEKST 1, czyli demokracja w świecie cyfrowym

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„Every democratic country in the world faces the same challenge, but none can defuse it alone. We need a global democratic alliance to set norms, rules, and guidelines for technology companies and to agree on protocols for cross-border digital activities including election interference, cyberwar, and online trade. Citizens are better represented when a coalition of their governments—rather than a handful of corporate executives—define the terms of governance, and when checks, balances, and oversight mechanisms are in place. (…)

If democratic governments do not assume more power in technology governance as authoritarian governments grow more powerful, the digital world—which is a part of our everyday lives—will not be democratic. Without a system of clear legitimacy for those who govern—without checks, balances, and mechanisms for independent oversight—it’s impossible to hold technology companies accountable. Only by building a global coalition for technology governance can democratic governments once again put democracy first.”

TEKST 2, czyli kim jest nowy CEO Patagonii?

FC: When you say the company needs to be more global, is the impact of its activism a big part of that?

RG: It’s fundamental. Our strategy here is, yes, we’re a business, but it’s a means for us to pursue our mission. When we introduced the new mission statement, we took about six months as a European team, and we challenged ourselves to think about how to make sure that statement doesn’t just become the equivalent of a bumper sticker or T-shirt slogan. What are we really going to commit to, to live up to the ambitions of that mission statement?

For us, outside of minimizing our footprint as a business, [that meant] the ongoing protection of wild places and scaling regenerative organic agricultural practices, which we are working very hard on to grant, fund, and bring people together.

Then finally, one that is perhaps uniquely European, but I think has global resonance, really scaling community-based renewable energy co-ops. I say it’s maybe uniquely European because the EU has put a structure in place and asked member states to roll out local regulation, so we’re doing a pretty sizable campaign in the spring next year that’s going to be focused on these issues.

On the global level, the ambition of the mission statement was to focus on root-cause issues, and I think we really need to continue to distill down to those root-cause issues, and to some extent, also really build some deeper strategies about how we can impact those.

TEKST 3, czyli czy zróżnicowane zespoły pracują lepiej?

„In numerous studies, diversity — both inherent (e.g., race, gender) and acquired (experience, cultural background) — is associated with business success. For example, a 2009 analysis of 506 companies found that firms with more racial or gender diversity had more sales revenue, more customers, and greater profits. A 2016 analysis of more than 20,000 firms in 91 countries found that companies with more female executives were more profitable. In a 2011 study management teams exhibiting a wider range of educational and work backgrounds produced more-innovative products. These are mere correlations, but laboratory experiments have also shown the direct effect of diversity on team performance. In a 2006 study of mock juries, for example, when black people were added to the jury, white jurors processed the case facts more carefully and deliberated more effectively.”

AKCJA, czyli w październiku zrób sobie dzień na U

Dzień na U to dzień, w którym najbardziej liczysz się Ty oraz Twoje zdrowie i dobre samopoczucie. To świetny czas, by wykonać zalecane raz w roku badanie profilaktyczne i potwierdzić zdrowie Twoich piersi. Umów się wygodnie na badanie USG oraz zabiegi pielęgnacyjne – tego samego dnia, w tej samej okolicy.

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