I connect people.







I am a natural networker, expert on CSR, diversity and communication.

Co-founder of Cosmos for Girls foundation, we’ve prepared one of the most successful crowdfunding campaign in 2017.

For 11 years I have been President of the Responsible Business Forum (FOB) – leading Polish CSR think-and-do-tank, where I was responsible for external relations with key stakeholders in Poland and abroad (World Business for Sustainable Development, Global Compact, etc.). later represented organization in the board of CSR Europe.

I enjoy the roles of public speaker, media commentator, academic lecturer and jury member of many contests devoted to communication and corporate social responsibility.

As a graduate of the School for Leaders and Stanford University courses, I have extensive experience working at the meeting point of the government, non-government, and private sectors.


Consultant and trainer

I have provided training for more than 500 women activists from Poland, Belarus, Cuba, Serbia and Kirgistan. I enjoy to facilitate processes for non-profits as well as training for business people.


Expert and networker

Communication expert, I spent 4 years working as a spokesperson of the Polish section of Amnesty International. 

I was lucky to have gained my knowledge in the fields of political and social marketing in UK and the USA as a scholarship recipient from Lech Wałęsa, Council of Europe, the US State Department and the Governor of the State of Illinois as well as working in two political cabinets of Justice Ministers.

Please contact me if you have an interesting project on sustainability, diversity or women leadership.